maximizing the value of the unlimited license agreement

Why certification is sometimes preferable

Oracle ULA's main benefit is that an organization has to pay a single up-front fee to receive as many licenses as it wants for a specified set of Oracle products over a fixed timeframe - also known informally as the “all you can eat” model. At the end of that timeframe, Oracle will grant perpetual licenses for all of its software that has been deployed, assuming its use has been properly documented - a process known as certification.

Many companies simply opt to negotiate a new ULA, since certifying requires engaging in a full software asset inventory, which can be complicated, time consuming and costly. However, without doing that inventory, it is possible – and even likely – that you will be overpaying.

One of our customers was in a similar situation, so in order to unsure that they were making the right investment for their current and future IT and business needs, whilst at the same time complying with the terms, conditions and timing of the ULA certification process, they engaged our ULA Health Check service.

Read our customer case to see what we did in that specific case and what was the final result for our client.